Why The Semester Hit...

Jan. 2021

my dad and I getting a Christmas tree at age 8.
Well, HAPPY NEW YEAR to us all it is another day and another year to kick some ass. Thank god president orange is out of the office lets hope president Kamala Harris (don’t worry I know she is the vice president) can make some change. I won’t harp on politics too much but I was happy to see the Muslim ban was removed for my brothers and sisters.

I know you all have been waiting for the other blog post I have been busy cranking at work finishing the exhibit design for MLK Library and far too many skateboard designs. Work has been flowing and I will be excited to announce some future work soon (it's TOP TOP secret stuff).

Alhamdulillah, I have been employed and blessed during COVID. Allah has helped me during this time and I hope has helped you all as well (no worries if you believe in someone up there in the sky or not). Bellow, I can share some cool music I have been listening to lately and some cool illustration work I can share. 

Recent Work Goodies

Vu Skate Shop

If you have checked out my Instagram I enjoy my time on a skateboard away from work. If I am good or not isn’t the question but since a young age, I have been loving skating as you may have noticed a chunk of my illustration work is in this field.

For Vu, we focused on a historic skate spot in the city and we were able to work together to make a beautiful design to focus on its awe. 

Recent Work Goodies

Nocturnal Skate Shop

We all love some illustration so why not I will splurge here is another one for everyone.

I recently got noticed for the styling above so I kept the motif going. Designers we need to work smarter not harder so why not.

To Brighten Up Your Day

I got something for yall don’t need to thank me just play this for your lover he/she/they anything you into it can apply to your love situation.

Have a great week can’t wait to rant to the internet soon and hope you all are enjoying it. Bismillah to my friends, my coworkers, my clients, and everyone else. Stay safe crazy has been in the air lately.

Mary J Blidge: Can Hide From Luv

Anthony Hamilton: Fallin In Love Again

Erykah Badu: In Love With You