Residency & Fun...

Oct. 2021

I will have to say I have been lacking. Simple and plain but we all have excuses. I have been working full time, creating new artworks, and applying myself to be present.

The world is trying its best to open one up and I have been partaking slowly. I don’t know if it is just me but I am still jaded it's dangerous out here. Friends catching COVID, workplaces asking you to go in, concerts at full compacity; that's wild. BUT hey the events I did go to were really fun and I was most definitely masked up.

Long rant even shorter, the world still a wild place stay safe out there. Find more time to widen your pool have some fun, go to a new place to eat, maybe make some new friends, do what you gotta do to shake it up out here.

Dose of Life

In The Studio

Outside of my membership at Current Gallery, I have been enjoying my residency at Pyramid Atlantic in Hyattsville. I was able to be given this opportunity as a Denbo Fellow and it's lovely.

Below are some goodies from the projects I have been working on this month more to come soon.

Recent Work Goodies

Honestly, I have been working a lot lately just enjoy my slice of life and printmaking work. It’s good to look away from business works from time to time. Life is too short but you should work hard.

Find time for yourself. Work will always be there tomorrow.