Oh My...

Mar. 2021

Well, we have made it to march! Life is zooming away I hope everyone is working away and staying sane. Lately, my side company Carlota & Flounders has been working for a few companies but most importantly Requity has been important.

Design sometimes feels repetitive because we are making things to make more beautiful things. BUT Requity has been a fulfilling project. The project is all about creating racial equity within west Baltimore and an overall idea of racial housing equity.

Obviously, the design doesn’t solve for problems of racial equity. The design will hopefully help to communicate a message to people that don’t understand the importance.

Enough blabbing happy March and I hope it is starting to warm up around everyone because this cold weather needs to go away!

Recent Work Goodies


As a designer, lover of a good outfit, and fashion it has been amazing to work with a company like BY. Hopefully, you all love a good outfit but this company is a great up-and-coming luxury brand in Philadelphia brand.

Additionally, it's a Muslim owned brand so it's awesome to work within a company that has that similarity. I’ll share some brand identity goodies that I have been doing.

Check it out!

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