Blessed & Stressed...

Apr. 2021

So here we are...

Well well wellllll, it's April, and here I am things are falling into place and slowly working out. Hard work and consistency I feel like in my only recipe for something working out. I know we are all doing the same because that is all there is to do haha. COVID is still rapid and I am still in my house, with my lady, print studio, and my close friends.

I am feeling very blessed because of everything happening around me or maybe because I have been listening to too much Muslim jazz music. For one reason or another, I have found myself graduating sooner than I could believe and I have been finding great spaces to move my work and my life to. I am hoping to open up my print studio for one on one printmaking with other artists.

Recent Work Goodies 

Thesis work:

Sometimes you just need to talk a break from work and have some fun again. I have been doing a lot of prints and some group exercise design work. 

I will share some thesis work I have been doing and some great prints. Check em out I won’t blab too much just make your own assumptions. It’s art make a judgment on your knowledge and enjoy!

Check it out!

Print thesis work:

(Screenprint *Edition of 10)

(Screenprint *Edition of 10)

Design thesis work:

*Only a 16th of the work

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